Square Black Silk Handkerchief


100% Silk

35″ x 35″

Black silk handkerchiefs were some of the most common handkerchiefs worn about the neck of both men and women throughout the 18th century. These handkerchiefs are 35″ square which are full enough to easily tie about the neck. Black silk was especially worn by sailors but black silk handkerchiefs were often worn along with black silk bonnets and hats by women. Starting about 1800 these began to be called “neckerchief” although the term “handkerchief” persisted to the end of the 19th century. In the 18th century, when called “kerchief” it was preceded by the separate word “hand” making it “hand kerchief”. These silk handkerchiefs have a rolled hem all the way around. In one corner is a “Made in India” label that can easily be cut out. From personal communication with Mike Barbieri in the 1775 Connecticut Journal, an ad included “Runaway . . .  two indented Servant Men, one . . .  a weaver by trade . . .  had on a . . .  black silk handkerchief”.

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