Hunting Frock, c. 1775-1783 size 48 chest or smaller


This 100% linen hunting frock is hand sewn with 35/2 unbleached linen thread & is based on the latest research from both illustrations & extant garments. It’s made of a fine unbleached linen (WLG 106) if heat is an issue for you. There’s an inside pocket sewn into the front left side.

General Washington, looking for a quick, inexpensive uniform, began issuing hunting frocks to certain regiments soon after the Battle of Bunker Hill & they continued to be used by the Continental army until the end of the war.

Seamstress is Mardell Weisenburger from Fine Tailoring & Dressmaking. She has been sewing clothes all her life since 1976, focusing on 18th century clothing since 2004. Mardell cares very much about authenticity & has taken workshops & researches extant garments to further her knowledge.

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