Remnant Off White Linen Shirting, WLG 110, 1 yard & 24″ long

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100% Linen, 5.5 oz, 60″ Wide


Linen shirting was primarily used to make men’s shirts and women’s shifts. Although more expensive than unbleached, this fabric is appropriate for all economic levels in the 18th century. Shirting was also used to make men’s trousers, caps, hat linings, cravats, the tabs of stocks, and jackets, and women’s gowns, jackets, petticoats, pockets, and aprons. Cited in Wenches, Wives and Servant Girls The Virginia Gazette of 1772 “a servant woman . . .  had on, and took with her . . .  a white linen ditto [gown], white apron”. Hand sewing this fabric would be best done in 60/2 off white linen thread. This fabric has a thread count of 36 threads per inch in the warp and 45 in the weft.

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