Scarlet Flannel, WWL 304


100% Wool, 11.5 oz, 60″ Wide


Scarlet red wool flannel was died with the shell of a beetle & therefore more expensive than the duller reds obtained from the madder root. Red shirts were taken with the Voyage of Discovery in the early 19th century but these should be looked at as unusual for the 18th century. Red flannel jackets for men & petticoats for women were common in both England & New England. In The Pennsylvania Packet of 1773 “Ran away . . .  a mulatto wench . . .  had on and took with her . . .  a red flannel quilted petticoat”. As cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. Scarlet red linen thread 50/3 for hand sewing & 1/2″ & 7/8″ worsted wool tape matches this fabric. Matching tape is usually what is seen on petticoats & bedgowns. This flannel is a twill. For sewing buttonholes try scarlet silk buttonhole twist or quilter’s thread.

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