Woman’s Riding Habit Shirt Pattern with Cravat & Stock c. 1730-1780


Pattern By: JP Ryan

Includes sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL

Made in the USA

Since a ladies riding habit is based on a man’s garment, the habit was worn with a shirt resembling a man’s. Similar to a man’s shirt, the woman’s shirt could have a stand up collar and worn with a stock. But women could also choose to wear their shirt with a neck cloth. A 3rd choice for the collar is to wear the top of the shirt tied with a black silk ribbon & have a ruffle up the bosom slit & all the way around the collar. This shirt was also worn in the 1780s as the redingote became fashionable.

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A riding shirt requires 2 – 2 1/2 yards of fine white linen or even finer linen & a ruffle which requires a quarter yard of fine linen or muslin (muslin is recommended if using fine WLG 113 linen). A less expensive fine linen for these ruffles could be used for shirt or ruffles.

Notions required include a spool of 60/2 white linen thread, 4 thread buttons for 2 on the collar & 1 on each wristband. However, sleeve buttons would likely be far more common on the wristbands. The pattern allows for either wristband option.

Three options are given for the collar closure. One is made like a preadolescent boy’s shirt with a ruffle around the collar closed with a 1/4 yard of 1/2″ black silk ribbon.

The next option is to wear a stock like a gentleman with a ruffled bosom slit. The tabs for the stock may be made using the left over scraps from the body of the shirt. The center, gathered part of the stock requires about a 1/2 yard of fine linen. The stock closes in the back with a 4 prong stock buckle.

The 3rd option is to wear a cravat (also called a neck cloth) which requires 2, 60″ long strips of fine linen but may be cut & pieced from a 45″ piece if desired.