1760s Fly Front Breeches Waist Size 36


Waist size 36 fly front breeches when compared to the later fall front, had a lower rise & deeper waistband.

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A pair of breeches requires about 1 yard of coating weight woolsturdy silkcotton velvet or corduroy, or linen. The waistband, pocket bags & knees require 1/4 yard linen. Some fabrics such as corduroy have a grain that will require more yardage to keep the grain running in the correct direction. All yardages are only suggestions & are at your discretion.

Notions required include a spool of 35/2 linen thread or 50/3 linen thread to match & 1 spool silk buttonhole twist or quilters thread for buttonholes. You’ll also need 12, 5/8″ buttons & 2 1″ buttons. A pair of knee buckles are required (but may be substituted for 5/8” buttons) & a small length of 1/4” tape for the back.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × .25 in


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