Fine Oznabrig Linen, WLG 106


100% Linen, 4.5 oz, 60″ Wide


This smooth fine weight linen with 51 threads per inch makes a nice lining for cool summer garments but may also be used for shirts and shifts. Being unbleached, this was considerably less expensive than white linen so the working people used this linen over white linen most often. This linen will naturally whiten over time especially if you lay it on the grass to dry. Cited in Wives, Slaves and Servant Girls “Run away . . .  an Irish servant girl . . .  had on, and took with her . . .  1 sheeting shift, and 1 fine ozenbrigs ditto, almost new” was published in The Pennsylvania Gazette of 1775. When hand sewing this linen try unbleached linen thread 60/2.

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