Fall Front Breeches, 1770-1780 Waist Size 32


Waist size 32 fall front breeches with written advice to make them overalls or trousers. Likewise there’s written advice for making them broad fall or half fall. The kneeband also has an option for ties or button in place of the buckles. Written directions are provided for flapped pockets vs. side seam pockets & how to add a fob (watch pocket) in the waistband.

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A pair of breeches requires about 1 yard of coating weight woolsturdy silkcotton velvet or corduroy, or linen. The waistband, pocket bags & knees require 1/4 yard linen.  Some fabrics such as corduroy have a grain that will require more yardage to keep the grain running in the correct direction. All yardages are only suggestions & are at your discretion.

Notions required include a spool of 35/2 linen thread or 50/3 linen thread to match & 1 spool silk buttonhole twist or quilters thread for buttonholes. You’ll also need 8, 5/8″ buttons for each knee & 5 3/4″ buttons for the waistband & fall. A pair of knee buckles are required (but may be substituted for 5/8” buttons) & a small length of 1/4” tape for the back.

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