Indigo 1/8″ Stripe Hemp Cotton,WHP 107


55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton, 8.5oz, 58″ Wide


Blue & white stripe was very common for the labouring people throughout Europe & the New World. It is repeatedly described in runaway descriptions & several original garments are made of very similar linen. This hemp blend is tightly woven, prewashed & being 8.5 oz. has more body than many other stripe linens. It has numerous uses. For women: petticoats, gowns & jackets. For men: waistcoats, jackets, shirts, trousers, breeches, work aprons, & outer breeches (commonly known as slops although this term actually refers to all unfitted clothing). Stripe linen is an excellent choice for children’s clothing too. For example in The Pennsylvania Evening Post in 1777 “Ran away . . .  an Irish servant girl . . .  Had on, when she went away, a blue and white striped linen gown”. For hand sewing try 35/2 off white linen thread & 1″ cotton twill tape natural, blue or navy blue all match this fabric well. Tape of matching color is often what is used as binding on women’s petticoats & gowns.

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