Remnant Mixed Grey Wool, WWB 807, 26″ long

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100% Wool, 17 oz, 60″ Wide


27″ long piece.


Mixt gray broadcloth was used for hundreds of years by farmers, sailors and other laboring people up to and including the 19th century. This wool was used to make English civil war army coats, some Continental regimentals such as the 3rd New York Reg’t of 1775, late War of 1812 US Rifle Regiment Coatees and War of 1812 British Army enlisted trousers. The use of this cloth continued in both armys well into the 1830s. For example advertised in The Virginia Gazette of 1775 “RUN away . . .  two Irish Servant Men . . .  [one] had on, when he went away, a gray Mixture Broadcloth Coat trimmed with black”. Unbleached linen thread 35/2 for hand sewing matches this fabric best and for sewing button holes you might try gray silk button hole twist.

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