US Early War Continental Contract Coat 1776-1778 Size 50


Chest size 50 early Revolutionary War continental contract coat pattern made by Henry Cooke. These are similar in design & construction to coats in use by other New England & New York units during the first 3 years of the war & may be representative of the type of uniform coats being made for the fledgling army. It is similar to its antecedent, the Massachusetts Bounty of 1775. To speed production & reduce the amount of cloth, the collars, cuffs & lapels were made of a single thickness & sewn directly to the body of the coat. Therefore the need for buttonholes was eliminated.

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A coat requires about 3 1/2 yards (14 quarters) of coating weight wool. The lining needs about the same (12 quarters) linen,  silkworsted or flannel. A piece (1/4 yard) of linen buckram is required along the front. All yardages are only suggestions & are at your discretion.

Notions required include a spool of 35/2 linen thread or 50/3 linen thread to match & 1 spool silk buttonhole twist or quilters thread for buttonholes. If you use buttons just on the front & skirts 12, 7/8″ or 1″ buttons is all you need.

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