Green and Yellow Stripped Linsey Woolsey


55% Wool, 45% Linen, 35″ Wide

Hand woven in the USA.

This linsey woolsey has a proper salvage edge & is fulled for you. It is inspired by 3 descriptions from The Pennsylvania Gazette in 1777, “Run away . . . an Irish servant girl . . . had on . . . green striped petticoat, two striped linsey ditto, linsey short gown”, in 1783, “Run away . . . a Servant Maid . . . had on . . . a striped linsey green and yellow petticoat” & in 1773 is “Run away . . . an Irish servant woman . . . had on a lincey petticoat, striped with green and black” as cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. In the middle of the 3/8″ yellow stripe is a black stripe of 2 threads these are separated by a 1/2″ green stripe. Forest green 50/3 linen thread is a good match for this fabric. Differing effects may be made using differing colors for the buttonholes but you could try green,  black or yellow quilter’s thread.

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