Remnant Navy Blue Flannel, WWB 801, 1 yard long

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100% Wool, 11.5 oz, 60″ Wide


A soft twill wool commonly used next to the skin, as in women’s under-petticoats, aprons, and gowns. For men it was typically used for drawers, underjackets, and waistcoats. This fabric works well for a lining. The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, of 1790 “I am a servant to Mrs. Wheeler, the kitchen maid there. I can swear to the blue flannel apron”. Navy blue linen thread 35/2 for hand sewing and dark indigo blue worsted wool tape matches this fabric well. Matching tape is sometimes seen on the hems of petticoats and bedgowns. For sewing button holes try deep indigo blue silk button hole twist or quilter’s thread.

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