Size 32-42 Outer Breeches 1750-1820


Pattern by: Kannik’s Korner

Pattern for all waist sizes 32″-52″

Made in the USA

Ideal for late colonial pirate & maritime clothing these men’s outer breeches or ‘slops’ were commonly called sailor’s trousers. These naval style trousers have a 1750 to 1820 fit, with a short rise, fitting the torso lower in the front than in the back. For example in The New Hampshire Gazette of 1765 “RUN away from the Ship Disappointment … Two Sailors, one … had on …  wide Trowzers”

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A pair of sailor’s trousers requires 2 1/4– 3 1/4 yards of natural linen. Some lining of the waistband is required but you can use the same material for this lining or left over shirt linen such as unbleached linen oznabrigs.

Notions required include a spool of 35/2 natural linen thread, 10-12″ of cotton, linen or hemp string of traditional packing weight, an 8″ length of round lacing cord & 1 3/4″ diameter button for optional watch pocket & 2 1″ buttons for the waistband. The buttons may be metal such as the brass buttons sailors often wore or fabric covered using your scrap fabric over a wood or bone mold.